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released September 30, 2013



all rights reserved


The Erik Jurado Experience Los Angeles, California

I am the band. I started making music in December 2009. Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: All That Matters
all your love
all your mind
all your freedom
is all that matters

don’t keep me down
i’m going higher
to touch my wing
on your fire

let me go
this heart desires
to save myself
from the mire
Track Name: Four
i’m excited
like an animal
drive’s you crazy
it’s understandable
when i see you
i’m ready to go
but hold on

i think you better know
i’m just having fun
best to be aware of
what’s going on

it’s not that easy
easy for me
it’s like i’m dreaming
i am free

i wanna know you
and what you’re all about
can’t see that i’m trying

but i can’t hold on
i can’t hold on
i get the feeling
that it won’t be too long
holding on
hold on

even though you know
i’ve never been that strong

i’m an animal
i’m an animal
I’m an animal

i wanna know you
and what you’re all about
then i see what you’re doing
makes me shout

whatcha doing
doing to me
whatcha doing
can’t ya hear my plea
whatcha doing
whatcha doing
no no no no

you’re an animal
animal animal
you’re an animal
growling down from the floor
looking oh so good
down on all four
Track Name: Nothing From You
feel like i wanna shout but there's too much to say
feel like i live in doubt and it won’t go away
feel like no one gives a damn and they’re so easily led
feel like i should take a stand but i just lie here instead

feel that i've been left out need a drink but all i see is drought
feel that i've been without for what seems way too long
like i’m sick and i’m stoned so what else can go wrong

corporate tax breaks adding fuel to this recession's fire
the rich get more profits subsidized in this masquerade
society's cancer taking more and leaving more decay
stop buying their lies make all those cheap motherfuckers pay

gotta cleanse my soul
gonna start to dig myself outta this hole
when i find my way back to reclaim my home
you know this place is on fire and it's smelling like rome
you set the fire

been accused tried judged then hung out to dry
there's no defense against a system that runs on money and lies
i'm not the one that's broken but i keep that inside
when nothing goes right it's the madman who feels dignified


feel that i've been left out need a drink i’m in a sea of drought
feel that i've been without for what seems way too long
yeah i'm sick and i'm stoned because what you’re doing is wrong

your lust for more is leaving those without nowhere to turn
but that doesn't matter to you because you'll never learn
soon you will find that what you reap is what you sow
nevertheless deep down i still want you to know

i want nothing from you
expect nothing from you
except the justice that's due
and it’s coming for you
Track Name: Find My Way Back Home
trying to get back to my home
been dying to be where i belong
somehow i’ll find a way
i’ll keep searching every night and day
along this path from which i roam
i’m gonna find my way back home

i’ve got no directions i’ve got no ride
when i need to sleep i find a place to hide
hidden and i’m shivering every darkened night
there i dream of a beacon light

when i’m home
i’ll never be alone
i feel that love right down to the bone

a scene that fades as i awake to the break of light
it’s so hard keep it together and stay strong
but i know it’s time to move along

i’m gonna find a way

been traveling down this lonesome road for so long
lord won’t you help me find my way
Track Name: The Circus March
are you lost
cast away
were you crossed
were you framed

we’re coming to your town
we’ll turn your world around
you’ll find yourself within the sound

your mind’s the only place you need to tend
join our jamboree become a friend
come along have no worries its free
the circus march supports all your dreams
when we decide this is our life we take a stand
join this unity and march across this land

hurry hurry and step right up
highlight your imperfections and join the club

paint your face and bring all your friends
you’ll have no use for any needless trends
be loud and proud of who you are
in the circus march you’re the star
yes you are

hurry hurry and step right up
the greatest show on earth has just begun
let it turn your head right around
you’ll find yourself within the sound
be loud and proud of who you are
in the circus march you are the star
Track Name: When You Need A Friend
if you’re ever in need
i’ll give you what i can

broken down
fix you up again

when you need a friend
someone to comprehend

i am here for you
help you make it through

when you need a friend

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

if you’re ever in a jam
i’ll help the best i can

should you fall
i’ll be there with a hand

you know you’re a friend
until the very end

i am here for you
help you make it through

when you need a friend
Track Name: A Million Miles Away
looking back at yesterday
i wonder how it slipped away
and now i’ve got myself
in this malaise
i need to break away

i’d love to fly
i'd fly so far, fast and high
i'd travel time
and blaze a trail across the sky
at least a million miles away
then everything would be okay
a million miles away
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
time and space is ours to share
yet i am here and you are there
that’s how it goes sometimes
cause life’s not fair
sometimes it’s more than i can bare

i'd love to drive
and have you right by my side
let’s make a plan
we’ll blaze a trail across this land
let’s drive a million miles away
we’ll be together everyday
a million miles away
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
i'd love to try
spend each day i have left alive
feeling satisfied
knowing some day i’ll be looking back in time
to where i am right now
a million miles away
i’m a million miles away right here
i never thought that i’d find
i’m a million miles away behind
i guess it’s up to me
to see or be blind
Track Name: It's Only Knock n Knowle
working man from a broken land
seeks the skies above to lend a hand
while the angels weep for these souls

he closed his eyes listened to the rain
soon drifted off to a higher plane
to a kingdom far from his home
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
we’ve taken care of your every need
your peace of mind will be guaranteed
welcome to knock n knowle

warm reminders recalled from the past
when suddenly he’s overwhelmed by a flash
awareness in the midst of a dream
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
this place is not real
despite what i feel

listen to me listen to me
i’ll set you free you must set me free
take my hand you never saved our land

watch it all go
it’s only knock n knowle
you should believe in man
i just don’t understand
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
home where i belong
hope is not very strong

angered by the oversight
of being ignored as they had prayed all night
while the angels watched as they mourned

he closed his eyes to take a last glance
disloyalty he just would not chance
by leaving his family behind

without a reason
we have no meaning
without a rhyme
then we waste our time
my kingdom is here in this land
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
this place you extol
they call it knock n knowle

listen to me listen to me
i’ll set you free we will be set free
take my hand this time we have a new plan

i’m not gonna go
it’s only knock n knowle
i’ll be a free man
and i’ll live off the land
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
i’m taking back my mind
i’m going to build myself some hope
i’ll never stop believing that
we’ll build this knock n knowle
you can always join us
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
home where i belong
hope is coming along

i stopped depending on angels
to help now i’m finding that i will survive
using reason to guide me
my kingdom starts here in my mind
Track Name: Infected
i don’t mind feeling the way that i do
with thoughts of you

in your smile
as suspected
your beguile
was detected

and now i can’t get you out of my head
and i know i’ve probably been misled
but if i don’t chance being rejected
i’ll risk a life being infected by you

by you

no i still can’t get you out of my head
and i know i’ve probably been misled
but when thoughts of being corrected
make me smile i’ve been infected by you

by you
Track Name: That's All Right
life’s been getting crazy
there’s so much on my mind
i run as hard as i can
yet i’m further behind
babe i’m behind
and that’s all right

things will come together
because things always do
as long as you got me
baby i got you
and that’s all right
yeah it’s all right

everything keeps changing
i try to take this in stride
focus on what i love baby
with my mind open wide
yeah, i get high. it gets me high
and that’s all right

i never understood people
who say life’s getting worse
if i were doing the driving baby
i’d put my life in reverse
then i would drive
and drive and drive
until it’s all right

there is more to everything than what we know
mistakes and times gone bad can even help us grow
it’s not easy when they knock you down
just don’t let them see you frown
your only fight is to be all right
and that’s all right yeah it’s all right
Track Name: The 60th Hour
mind flying
my own skies
journey within
a universe inside

spirits are free
mine is a flyer
my mind is in space
my head is on fire

yeah yeah yeah yeah

i’m flying

there’s no secret
just keep the music loud
and your head up in the clouds
like i showed you
get lost inside the sound
until i’m lifted off the ground

yeah yeah

feel it from within
feeling the power
and it’s got a hold of me
been flying here for hours
and hours

solo for the 60th hour
and i don’t mind it at all
never wanna stop